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Extromatica Network Monitor main screen

Network Performance Monitor

Have you ever felt the need for additional hands in your network administration? Someone that watches over it around the clock, reporting any possible fault immediately and taking repair actions automatically?

The Extromatica Network Monitor is a network performance monitor that will untie your hands, releasing you from:

With diverse tests covering all areas, including hardware such as servers, storage and peripherals, software such as websites, databases and services, Extromatica Network Monitor can take charge over keeping a close eye on everything.

As soon as it discovers something out of the ordinary, it can launch pre-defined scripts and communicate the situation to the administrator with any means necessary, including email, SMS, sound alerts etc.

The work of a network administrator is threefold; maintain the network operational, keep the users satisfied and make sure the management is well-informed. All these issues are carefully addressed:

So how does a single software manage all these?

Extromatica Network Monitor is highly automated, targeting necessary tasks effectively by utilizing appropriate methods and tools:

Extromatica Network Monitor is available in 3 alternative editions, namely trial, standard and professional. Select the package best suited for you according to current requirements and budget and start using it immediately, regardless of the population of network infrastructure elements in your current setup.